Hi and welcome to SmartSexyPaleo!

I’m Jennifer and here’s where I share my favorite paleo, gluten free recipes. I love to spoil my dogs, read and spend time in the great outdoors. Welcome!

I never thought I’d have a food blog. I started SmartSexyPaleo after going 100% paleo and gluten free thanks to a diagnosis of Celiac Disease. After eating a last meal of fried okra and mac and cheese, I haven’t looked back and cooking has become my creative outlet.

Overall, I’m pretty much your average housewife and mom. I spend my days teaching and my nights snuggled up with my husband and my two dogs. I’m a total nerd at heart and my hobbies include reading (I read a book or two each week), learning Spanish, photography (I’m a complete amateur), and begging my husband to go on vacation.

SmartSexyPaleo.com is a food blog devoted to cooking honest healthy food—loaded with real ingredients along with a pinch of elbow grease and a dash of love. It is also about inspiring readers to explore and engage with food. We need it to survive, and yet we could go through our entire lives without sprouting a seed, milling a grain, or baking a loaf of bread. But oh, what a tasteless life that would be!

Making good food starts with knowledge, and that’s why we at SmartSexyPaleo explore where our ingredients come from and what happens when we transform them into delicious meals through the science of cooking. After all, learning the reason why is so much more practical than just going through the motions! Sprinkled throughout are tips for the culinary toolbox and new recipes to try. When it’s all said and done, hopefully you’ll agree that the journey toward honest food is the most delicious kind of trip!

Thanks for stopping by and happy cooking!