Easy Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

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Easy mimosa cocktail recipe
Mimosa cocktail with champagne and orange juice



Today (whether it’s Valentine’s day or not; -), I offer you a drink, a classic and seasonal mimosa cocktail recipe with champagne! As you know, I Specialized a little in cocktails (and their history) when I wrote my last book on super easy Cocktails and I have to say that I had a great time (well now it’s not too cocktail time for me 😉 Mimosa is a French cocktail that is more than a century old, it has something chic and vintage at the same time. It was apparently invented in 1925 by Frank Meier at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. The name is inspired by the same flower of such an intense yellow.

I really like fruit and especially citrus cocktails (to be consumed in moderation of course) and there are so many. This one is timely, I’m sure you already have everything (or almost) at home. It is quite light, fruity, pleasant and the sparkling always gives it a festive feeling isn’t it?

Very popular in anglo-Saxon countries at brunch time, the Mimosa cocktail was first created in Paris.

The mimosa is a perfect cocktail for a festive brunch!

In Anglo-Saxon countries, Mimosa is one of the two most popular alcoholic beverages for brunch (Bloody Mary is the other). It is a tasty mixture of orange juice and sparkling wine. Fortunately, the orange juice dilutes the sparkling wine … so you can drink one or two to accompany your Sunday morning gourmet brunch.

To make your Mimosa cocktail, you will need freshly squeezed orange juice (it’s so much better than purchased orange juice) and champagne (or other sparkling wine). There are some variations: the addition of Grand Marnier or other alcohol to the orange and sometimes the addition of a dash of grenadine.

Mimosa is a cocktail very close to the recipe of Buck’s Fizz but the proportions between champagne and orange juice are reversed. The 2 cocktails are often confused. The Mimosa was created at the Ritz in Paris in 1925.

In the United States, the proportion is 2 parts of orange juice for 1 part of sparkling wine. But in Britain, the ratio is reversed: 1 part of orange juice for 2 parts of bubbles. You can also make equal parts of each ingredient(that’s what I did here). So, what to do ? try these different variations and decide which one is your favorite !

If you do not make this cocktail for a special occasion, do not use champagne (or at least none that is too expensive. It will be mixed with orange juice). Sparkling wine is excellent for a Mimosa. You can also try a Spanish cava or an Italian prosecco. It is a little sweeter but very good in a Mimosa.

The Mimosa is prepared in a few minutes and served on a champagne flute glass.


Origin of the Mimosa cocktail:


The Mimosa cocktail would have been invented in the 1920s, around the same time as the Mint Julep and the Sea Breeze. It is a certain Franck Meier, bartender at the bar of the Hotel Ritz in Paris, who is the origin of the mix.

Today, the Mimosa drink has become one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Anglo-Saxon countries – along with the Bloody Mary cocktail. Mimosa cocktail is traditionally served during brunch.

What alcohol to use for making Mimosa cocktail?

Normally you would use champagne brut or, in its more accessible version, sparkling wine type Italian prosecco (as in Spritz) or Spanish cava. The other ingredient in Mimosa is orange juice. It is better if the latter is prepared from freshly squeezed oranges but, if it is you who are in a hurry.e, you can always buy an already prepared juice.

Finally, you can also add as a decoration a piece or orange peel, a mint leaf, a piece of strawberry…


Mimosa variations

If you invert the proportions of juice and champagne (4 cl of champagne and 8 cl of orange juice), as is often the case in the United States, you will get a buck’s Fizz.

There is also red mimosa:

red mimosa glasses

Christmas red cranberry mimosa:

Christmas red cranberry mimosa

Any other Mimosa variations? You can very well add to your preparation Grand Marnier, Cointreau, or even a dash of grenadine. It is also possible to prepare a Virgin Mimosa by replacing the champagne with Schweppes Original Tonic.

grapeftuit mimosa drink

And if you like champagne cocktails, we invite you to take a look at the recipe of the French 75 cocktail, the Roffignvm of the Forvm Classic Bar, the Magnifico of the 1k and the Mont Blanc cocktail.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health, so consume in moderation.

Here’s how to make a Mimosa and some variations of the Mimosa.

How to make a Mimosa at home? The answer is below.

The recipe for Mimosa with Champagne

The recipe for the Mimosa cocktail is very simple. It is enough to pour both ingredients into a champagne flute. However, pay attention to gently pour the champagne, as the latter tends to froth a lot when mixed with squeezed fruit juice. This is the only difficulty you will encounter in making this Mimosa recipe.

Ingredients for 1 person

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Easy mimosa cocktail recipe
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • Orange juice 40 ml
  • Champagne brut 80 ml
  1. Make the recipe for the Mimosa cocktail directly in the glass.
  2. Pour 40 ml of orange juice into a flute.
  3. Then complete by adding 80 ml of champagne brute. Be careful to gently pour the latter.
  4. Your Mimosa cocktail is ready!

Enjoy responsibly!

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