Green Tea Daifuku Mochi Recipe
  • 175g red bean paste (you can get it from Asian grocery stores)
  • 100g glutinous rice flour
  • 120 ml  water
  • 1.5 teaspoon matcha green tea (powder)
  • 100g icing sugar
  • maize (corn starch)
  • a sheet of parchment paper
  1. * In most recipes it is advisable to use a microwave to make the preparation easier. I don't  have that at home as it's not very recommendable for health. We will use soft steam as it is traditionally done.
  2. To properly prepare a mochi, you need to act quickly. Indeed, the dough that you will heat with Steam will be at first very soft and then Harden very quickly and there you will no longer be able to handle the cake. So, at first spread cornstarch on a plate or plate, put in a bowl your well-kneaded red bean paste.
  3. Mix your flour + sugar + tea powder + water and place either in a steamer, or make a water bath and in the pan from above, cover with baking paper to have a gentle baking of the dough, you need to constantly monitor and mix with a spoon. You will know when it is ready when it adheres slightly (very fast: about 2 min).
  4. Then when out of the fire, coat your hands with cornstarch so that nothing sticks, then form small balls (8 balls are formable with this amount of preparation approximately). Flatten into a disc in the palm of your hand and place a little sweet red bean paste. Close well and roll in cornstarch again or in icing sugar.
  5. You can also grill sesame seeds and roll the balls in them, it's great! That way the recipe would be for roasted sesame / peanut butter Daifuku Mochi which is also great!
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