Fighting Back During Flu Season

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That Time of the Year Again

With the flu season in full swing and the weather changing day to day, what could be more important than fighting off the early symptoms and getting back on your feet?  There is a way to feel better fast, whether you are warding off the flu yourself or searching for a remedy for your little girl or boy.  King Bio’s Influenza Multi-Strain Flu Medicine is a homeopathic flu combatant that works quickly and doesn’t harm the body’s delicate immune system with unnecessary chemicals.

A Homeopathic Flu Fighter

King Bio’s Influenza Multi-Strain Flu Medicine relieves flu symptoms that include: achiness, chills, congestion, fever, headache, nausea, night sweats, sore throat, swollen glands, and tiredness.  With several active ingredients in a water base including Echinacea, Arsenicum, and Baptista, this little spray packs a big punch.  The pump pre-measures the right amount so users do not have to worry about the dosage, and it is safe for all ages.

The History of the King Bio Brand

King Bio has been manufacturing homeopathic medicine since 1989, which gives them over twenty years of experience in the field of homeopathic medicines.  Their founder, Dr. Frank J. King Jr., began studying homeopathic remedies and the positive effects of using naturally formed medicines in 1979.  He has been at work ever since, seeking homeopathic remedies and striving to provide people with alternatives to unnatural pharmaceuticals.

True Life Test

This particular product is tried and true, as a recent flu hit a single mother and her young baby girl.  Feeling the symptoms of a cough, fever, chills, and overall achiness; this young mother decided to go to her local natural remedies store and pick up King Bio’s Influenza Multi-Strain Flu Medicine.  Much to her dismay, her four month old baby girl was beginning to show the signs of the same flu strain as she was experiencing.

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By using the remedy as directed, one spray orally for child and two for mommy, the symptoms were quickly slowed and disappearing within one day of initial use.  The baby girl’s fever diminished and did not return.  With the relief of seeing her baby girl feel better, Mommy was also on the mend.  Her fever lessened and she felt clear headed.  Her other symptoms were soon fleeing as well, which allowed her to get back on her feet and have the energy it takes to care for her daughter.

Choosing Homeopathic Remedies

There are so many flu and cold remedies available in pharmacies, local convenience stores, and grocery stores that it is difficult to figure out which one to choose, even if you have recommendations from friends or doctors.  The problem with most of the easily available medicines is that they are not made with the body’s natural balance in mind.

Non-homeopathic medicines and remedies are meant to (temporarily) reduce or eliminate symptoms while the body fights off the flu or cold.  The difference with homeopathic medicine is that it works with the body to heal and fight off symptoms at the same time, while not causing damage to the immune system or any other bodily system.
Homeopathic medicines, like King Bio’s Influenza Multi-Strain Flu Medicine, are safer for use by all ages and are less likely to cause side effects because they do not contain manmade concoctions of chemicals foreign to the natural environment.

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