Giant’s Causeway: Ireland’s Alien Looking National Treasure

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If you ask me, Aliens built it! No, really I mean it doesn’t look natural to me? Giant’s Causeway is yet another one of nature’s (or not) mysteries which are just waiting to be solved.

I’m no expert, geologist or anything like that (like most of us), but anybody with even a grain of common sense will notice the too perfectly shaped structures that are supposed to be made by the nature. Come on, there have to be something more to it.

And since I write a lot about food here, we’ll also look at the cuisine you can enjoy on the Beautiful Northern Ireland shores.

Now, if you don’t know what or where is Giant’s Causeway located we’ll loom a bit into the history of the place.

So, what is Giant’s Causeway and what is so special about it?


The Giants Causeway formation is located at the picturesque County Antrim coast and is a 60 million-year-old volcanic formation. But what is it really about ? We’ll also at the myths and legends that accompany the genesis of one of the best-known sites in Ireland!

picturesque shores of County Antrim

Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim

John D. Sutter of the American channel CNN has toured Ireland quite extensively. In the end of his trip, he stumbled at what he calls “the most popular attraction in Northern Ireland”.

His description of the road of the Giants reveals all the magic it represents: “a green cliff descends to the sea in the form of a cluster of volcanic rocks completely surreal: almost perfect hexagonal tubes, stacked next to each other, like pieces of a puzzle.”

Could it really be that such a beautiful site is the result of a volcanic eruption dating back 60 million years?

In reality, two versions clash here. The first involves a famous ancient giant named Fionn mac Cumhaill (or Finn McCool).

Let’s look deeper at the story.


Why is the giant’s causeway hexagonal?


Well, some say it’s a volcano that created it, others blame Finn MacCool and some even think it may have been aliens. What ever you believe one thing is for sure. When you look at the structure you’ll be amazed and will start wondering, can the nature create forms and structures as perfect as the building blocks of human made buildings?

How was the giants causeway formed


Scientists believe a volcano made the structure by cooling down the hot lava or something like that. But me and a lot others have hard time believing it was just that. There has to be something more to it.


Ancient Giant Wars in Ireland?


The Legend Of The Giant Causeway


A story has been told to Irish children for generations about the Giant Causeway :

Legend has it that an Irish giant named Finn MacCool decided to fight Benandonner, a Scottish giant. A problem arose, no boat was large enough to carry them across the sea separating Ireland from Scotland. Finn MacCool then decided to build a stone road to connect the two countries.

Some rocks that have amazing aspects are also described as accessories of giants. One can note for example the boots and the harp of the giant.

Fionn is annoyed by someone who is on the other side of the sea. Scottish giant Benandonner threatens Ireland. Furious, Fionn grabs pieces of the Antrim coast and throws them into the sea. These rocks then form a path allowing Fionn to go and teach Benandonner a lesson.

Bad idea: Benandonner is frighteningly big! Fionn decides to retreat, but he is followed by the giant. The presence of spirit of his wife, who disguises him as a baby, will save him. When The Scotsman, bitten to the brim, sees the size of the baby, he becomes afraid of the idea of his father’s gigantism and ends up turning back…… What a crazy story isn’t it?

Mythical landscapes, magical legends

northern ireland shore
Beautiful Northern Ireland shore


According to local tourist guides Finn McCool actually did exist! That’s what the locals believe anyway.

“We present visitors with both versions – The Legend and the scientific explanation – and let them form an opinion. Most leave convinced that a powerful giant inhabited the place.”

As one of our tour guide points out, there are two versions of the story.

The scientific explanation of Giant’s Causeway

“The Giant Causeway results from the cooling of a volcanic eruption,” reveals my guide. “A memory of size, left by the lava 60 million years ago. More than 40,000 basalt columns. All nested in each other. »

“The inclusion of the Causeway as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is not surprising, as it offers access to the Earth’s ancestral times, in addition to its extraordinary beauty,” she concludes.

A Perfect movie set for a fantasy or sci-fi blockbuster:

Giant's Causeway'close up view

No matter what you believe, it is indisputable that the roadway of the Giants has postcard airs, attracting every year thousands of tourists who steal their goals there.

The Giant Causeway is a gigantic volcanic formation located on the coast of Northern Ireland. It is characterized by more than 40,000 juxtaposed columns, forming what looks like natural stairwells. These unique Irish marches have given rise to extravagant tales and legends about aliens and advanced ancient civilizations.

side view Giants Causeway
Irish Giants Causeway Ireland Giants Causeway Ireland


The Giant’s Causeway is located in County Antrim 3 km north of the town of Bushmills.

This unusual landscape is the result of the erosion by the sea of an ancient lava flow more than 40 million years ago ! The roadway of the Giants these are columns that can reach 12 meters high. They are made of a gray basalt and begin at the foot of the cliff to disappear into the sea.

The site is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is also a suitable site for bird watching since there are more than 80 bird species that live here!


When is best to visit the Giants Causeway?

Ireland has a capricious climate and is a summer or spring destination ! However, if the cold and the rains do not frighten you, you can of course go there all year round, but know that between October and March the weather conditions are a bit harsh.

July August being the most tourist months, the ideal is to go there in June or September, there will be a little less crowded and the weather may be milder.

You could also enjoy native food and snacks sold in the near shops and restaurants. One favorite is the traditional sausages loved by Brits and if it happens that you fall in love with them too, then you can make them yourself at home by following this bangers and mash recipe.

What travel agency to choose?

To discover the most beautiful sites and places, like beaches, towns, castles, etc. in Ireland and specifically the Giant Causeway, I advise against a group trip. The ideal is to go for two weeks on a course “the best of Ireland from North to South”. Ask for a quote, it’s free and it does not commit you to anything!

Here are a few more interesting photos of the road of the Giants in Ireland:

Giant's Causeway view

It can be anything that created this structures, it could be nature, people of ancient Ireland or even aliens.

Just look at the structure closely and decide if volcanoes can make such things:

Giant's Causeway perfect angles clean view

Giant's Causeway bridge

Giant's Causeway structures

 view of Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway close view

Giant's Causeway closeup

Giant's Causeway pillars

And what’s interesting about science is that most if not all of it is made of theories and hypotheses(or plain speculations). Now, don’t get me wrong.

Not everything is that way obviously, as otherwise we wouldn’t have the technologies we are “enjoying” today. I’m referring mostly to the way science explains such mysterious structures and phenomenons like the Giant’s causeway.

So which story are we suppose to believe, the Giants story or the science hypothesis? It’s up to you to decide and make your own conclusions, though we don’t currently have much information available.

Hopefully in the near future with more advanced technology we could look deeper into the formation of these structures.

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