Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

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Paleolithic diet, also known as Stone Age diet, caveman or ancient’s man diet, is the safest and efficient Weight Loss method. Due to increase in knowledge, modern humans have adopted genetically modified foods hence neglecting the original diet of the ancestors. This is the reason why people are facing several health issues.

The Paleo diet focuses on recipes consisting of vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts, roots, and grass–fed pasture meats. Foods cultivated through extensive agricultural practices like legumes and grains are avoided. Moreover, refined sugar, salt, processed foods, and dairy products are not consumed.

Paleo diets have important nutritional value that is important for successful weight loss. Despite of the fact that Paleo diets have high nutritional value, they help maintain healthy weight. This is attributed to fiber components in them namely; soluble and insoluble fiber. Paleo diets have soluble fiber, known as beta glucans, which are soluble in water resulting in a gel like substance.

This helps to trap harmful cholesterol particles, thus preventing heart diseases caused by accumulation of blood vessels. Scientific studies show that Paleo diets can cut cholesterol buildup by 3%.

The gelatinous substance also changes the properties of digested food in the stomach. This change causes the content to move slowly, hence giving a sense of fullness thus reducing unnecessary food intake. In addition, the prolonged stay ensures complete digestion by enzymes in stomach and intestines. Although the contents are slowed down, they cannot completely stop.

Moreover, soluble fiber and resultant gel helps to regulate excess nutrients in the blood. The prolonged digestion, allows enough time for uptake of nutrients into the blood stream without allowing the body intake more. This is very important in people suffering from diabetes. Slow digestion allows sugar molecules and carbohydrates to be broken completely before the urge to eat arises again. This helps to reduces pile up of sugar in blood, which is harmful to health.

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On the other hand, the main function of insoluble fiber is to push contents in the intestines. Insoluble fiber absorbs water and becomes heavy. This excess weight exerts pressure in gastrointestinal tract and pushes the waste out of the body smoothly. Therefore, controlled bowel movement is achieved hence preventing constipation.

Paleo diets are important in maintaining the pH balance in the intestines. Low pH indicates acidity, which can increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Paleo diet helps to prevent this condition.

Paleo diet is a program that is tried and tested by many people who desired to lose weight in little time. This is a healthy diet that needs no starving or compulsory diet. It is important to note that Paleo recipe does not include processed food, since they were not accessible to ancient man. With paleo diet, you can lose weight, stay healthy, and build strength without hurting the body metabolism.

The study shows that the body becomes starved when you go on restricted diet for about a week. At this point, you may indulge in your favorite food and prevents metabolism from shutting down, and continues to burn fat. Paleo diet, unlike diet programs, works with the body but not against it.

Paleo diet is about food which should be eaten and what should not be eaten. A specific schedule should be followed to benefit the most. There is no point of cheating your body in diet program as it causes a change in lifestyle. Paleo diets help you cut weight while satisfying your food cravings.

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Unlike diet programs, you can lose weight permanently on Paleo recipe. You are not going to lose any muscles or harm your metabolism. There is no need of counting calories or punishing yourself, since Paleo recipes are delicious.

In addition, omega 3 fatty acids available in paleo diets have been proven to prevent cancer and tumors. The immune system becomes strong hence better chances of fighting cancer. Study shows that people who have undergone tumor removal on paleo diets consumption, the tumor growth decreased significantly.

Paleo recipe

Foods that constitutes Paleo diet includes:

· Pork

· Lean red meats, organ meats, and game meats

· Fish

· Poultry

· Eggs

· Root vegetables

· Leafy and cruciferous vegetables

· Fruits

· Mushrooms

What is not allowed in Paleo diet includes:

· Beans or legumes

· Grains (cereals such as corn, barley, rice, oats, wheat and rye

· Dairy products

· Refined fats

· Salt

· Canned meats

· Fruit juices and soda

· Bacon


Since Paleo diet does not allow intake of processed foods, it is the best way to avoid junk food. The ancient man’s diet prohibits high fat, refined, and calorific processed food. Therefore, Paleo diet encourages eating of good quality proteins such as chicken, fish, and lean meat, which helps boost your metabolism. Paleo diet is a safe, affordable, and effective weight loss program if you are planning to lose excess weight within a short period.

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