The Best Fat Burning Foods

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Best Fat Burning Foods

You want to lose weight and look better.

You want to live longer and be stronger.

You want to be healthier and have more energy throughout your day.

How do you do all that?

You lose the excess fat. And the best way to lose fat quickly is to eat the best fat burning foods.

So, What Are The Best Fat Burning Foods?

The best fat burning foods that will blast the fat away are foods that contain proteins.

What? You didn’t expect that, were you?

Here’s why foods containing protein will burn the fat off your body faster than any other type of fat burning food.

Your body uses a lot of energy (calories) to digest and break down proteins. A significant amount more than fats or carbohydrates. What does this mean? It means your body needs to work extremely hard to turn your protein rich food into the proper energy your body needs.

And where does your body get this energy from? You guess it. From your fat storage. And this is the magic trick to melting the fat away. If your body does not have readily available energy to use for bodily processes, it’s going to get it from your excess energy store (your body fat).

That’s why you also can’t be eating a lot of carbohydrates. Your body prefers to use carbohydrates as energy. It’s easier for your body to use carbohydrates, so of course it will use it first. Over consumption of carbohydrates has a direct effect on being obese. When your body has too much carbs, it saves it as energy to be used for later (you get fatter!).

Just keep this rule in mind: When you eat carbohydrates, your insulin levels will increase, and insulin tells your body to store fat.

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Carbohydrates are the opposite of fat burning foods. But, this doesn’t mean you have to cut them out completely to lose weight. If you keep your consumption to less than 50 grams/day, you can expect to lose weight. Make sure these carbohydrates are naturally occurring ones in healthy foods like fruit and vegetables. Not candy, processed grains, cereals, etc.

The List Of Fat Burning Foods


10 best fat burning foods

Okay, so we now understand that Protein promotes fat loss and carbohydrates promotes fat gain.

The following list is the best kinds of proteins you can consume. Do your best and choose proteins from natural sources. It is, of course, higher quality and better for you.

To lose fat, eat a lot of: Meats, Fish, Poultry, and Shellfish.

There are dozens of types of meats, fish, etc. So you have a lot of variety. Really, this is it. It’s this simple. And really limit the amount of carbohydrates you consume. You’ll be golden on your way to efficient fat loss.


How Much Protein Should You Eat To Lose Weight?

It is possible to eat too much protein. Your body can indeed turn this protein into fat. A safe way to eat proteins is to use the general rule. Eat 1 gram of protein for every gram of lean muscle mass.

Also, your insulin level does not spike when you eat fats. Insulin is responsible for storing fat. So, eating fat does not make you fat. Just make sure you are consuming healthy fats (like the ones that naturally occur in proteins) and you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to “fat making you fat”. If you eat potato chips, well, that’s a different story. Avoid it!

How Do I Speed Up Fat Loss Even More?

So you’re thinking of losing weight, and losing it FAST!

You can drop your carbohydrate consumption to 25 grams/day or less. If your body is not used to this, you could find some side effects such as dizziness and tiredness. Your body was used to consuming carbs as its main energy source and now you completely cut it off. Your body may be a little cranky about it. If you have difficulty going the extreme route, then you can ease into it. Gradually cut down your carbs to a level you can manage. Perhaps start at 50 grams/day and lower it to 25 a week or two after, and you can even drop it to 0-10 grams/day if you want extreme fat loss. Make sure you can handle it though!

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All you need to do is “try it” and see how your body responds. Every body is different. I know I was able to drop my carb consumption completely without any issues, and I dramatically lost the fat as well.

Why can you cut out the carbs? Well, it’s simple. Your body doesn’t need carbohydrates to function. Your body can survive (very healthily) on just proteins and fats. Your body can create everything it needs from fats and proteins.

Keep in mind though, that many fruits and vegetables that have naturally occurring carbohydrates are very healthy. If your goal is to lose fat quickly, definitely cut out the fruit (more carbohydrates in them), and maybe some vegetables. If you want to gradually lose weight and aren’t in any rush, eat your veggies and the occasional fruit!

And lastly, make sure you drink a lot of water. Water helps a lot with everything in your body. You know this. But it also really helps in helping you lose weight.

P.S. You can check out the Paleo Recipe Book. It’s one of the best cookbooks on the Paleo diet. There are tons of fat loss recipes to make it easy for you to lose weight. I highly recommend it.

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